Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A panhead family

Panheads keep a family tight, today I had the pleasure of tattooing Steve who rode with his father in law "slink" and his wife to be sarah. They all rode 100 miles to come here tonight and steve got his favorite tank badge tattooed on him. It was a pleasure to listen to "SLINKS" stories,tattoo Steve and watch Sarah kick her pan.
Thanks again! And by the way, all these Panheads were Slinks and he also has 3 other pans at home.


  1. Know Slink for a couple years and he is a stand up dude! thats cool. turnpikesteve

  2. Met Steve and Sarah at the Riverside Bar and Grill north of Easton PA on Memorial Day Weekend. It was nice to see a couple more Pans pull in... the place is usually filled with push button late model junk.