Saturday, December 28, 2013

59 Cadillac

The all time best fin car is a 59 cadillac , a few years back while at the Gasoline art show in El Segundo I took pictures of this Cadi and recently decided to paint it. 16"x32" oil on canvas

Lucy and Viola!

Lucy as many should know is my son Dylan's 66 Ford and Viola is or course the coolest panhead to ever exist! I figured what is cooler then a father and son calibration of vehicles to paint. This is what i came up with. 16"x 32" oil on canvas

Salinas Boyz Cole Foster

While at this years 10TH Annual Indian Larrys Block party in NYC, I was lucky enough to meet up with Cole Foster (my brother from another mother)and snap a couple good pictures of his Panhead. With those photos I had enough reference to paint this 4'x 2' oil of this incredible bike. Then while at the 10th Annual David Mann Chopperfest in Ventura Ca. I was able to meet with Cole again and share the painting with him. There is something cool about 10th annual events!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


First off let me thank chopperfest and big dave for having this great show and invite, also special thanks to the great artists chris callen, darren mckeag, seth lebohwitz, kayla koeune and george the painter for letting me sit in with them to show and create our art! This show was one ive been wanting to attend for such a long time . The show was full of earths coolest bikes and of course people! it was great seeing some of west coast friends such as cole foster,lisa and duane ballard, slim! (who bay far the coolest kid on the west coast), big nick who i assume is a west cost guy although he sounds like a new yorka and many others! etc etc etc... and it was an absolute honor meeting David Manns wife Jacquie and his family. I was blown away when they came by to see my art! hope to see you all again soon!