Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day and The Honoring of "TANK"

Today was a great Veterans day for all but more so for the friends and family of Joesph"Tank"Krisanits - He was honored today in a big way at the Veterans day ceremony during the Vietnam Veterans memorial service. Lorraine Tanks wife said a few words in honor of him and lit a candle. A tribute book was also made for Tank and it is on display in the Vietnam Era museum! Great day Great people . Congrats Tank and thanks again. Also thanks and RESPECT to the VNV MC for serving and being great friends and brothers. Thanks to all that served! PEACE OUT!

Veterans day program Honoring Joesph"Tank"Krisanits


Morning meeting place with "Tanks" brothers The Vietnam Vets MC on NJ parkway.

Sammy by far the coolest person to walk this earth!
Thanks to the VNV MC for letting us ride along with them today - a true honor on Veterans Day
The Memorial inside the Vietnam Vets Memorial

Lorriane lighting candle
Inside the Museum Hangs this piece of Art - "SO SOLLY"
Panhead Ricks Pan - Thanks for the pics!
Giving Lorraine the orignal Tank portrait
The wall
"Tanks" forever here!

Sammys shovel
Uncountable amounts of people rode.

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