Friday, September 5, 2008

A New Jersey Texan

Some time Wednesday 9-3-08 on I80 near Pittsburgh a very close brother and sister of mine had a motorcycle accident. Danny and Barbara were riding when something made his bike lose control and they went down. Barb did not make it through the crash and Danny is now fighting for his life in the Pittsburg university hospital. Danny has been riding since i was a 10 years old he's a Texas born outlaw that did the 1% thing years ago and liveS to ride. He made me an honorary texan years ago. Barb was the female version of Dan, she loved to ride and loved her friends. Please take a moment to look up and say hey to Barb and pray for Dan to pull through. Anyone thats been to panstock knows that Dan and Barb have never missed and never will. Barb I will miss you dearly and think of you often. Dan I will ride with you again.

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