Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'll Take them all!

I believe this was Paughco's show room. please correct me if im wrong


  1. The original picture is by Mcwont on Flicker and has this:
    April 1972 we opened our second store in Modesto,CA. That's DQ,(beard and vest) my long time riding partner and friend who managed the store for us. The chopper boom was still building and we were one of the leading retailers in the country. Using mass displays of merchandise and putting many parts "out front" where the customers could pick them up and examine them. We sold parts only, no installation available. Every other month I drove to LA in the shop van with a briefcase full of cash. Manufacturers were always glad to see me knowing I paid cash and bought in quantity. The face to face way of doing business assured us of the very latest product releases in a business that was adding new items every week as consumer demand exploded. Scanned from a 1972 b/w Kodak print and post processed in Photoshop CS, best viewed large.

  2. McWont is Jeff McCann and that is their shop, CJ Custom Cycle Parts.

    Take a look at this stuff he sent to me some months ago, real cool...