Friday, February 5, 2010


B&D Harley - The most loyal shop and owners Harley Davidson ever had - too bad the factory fucked them!!!! Thanks to guy at Greasy Kulture for scanning the pics!This article on B&D ran in the april 1997 issue of Iron Horse.check out the gkm blog here


  1. Thats some sad shit. People like them were the back bone of HD. Spent their life selling and representing something they believed in. There are similar storys across this country. Everything changed when the Evolution came out, fact!
    Hear No Evo..See No Evo..Ride No Evo!!!
    The Old Iron Rules! I wont set foot in a dealership.

  2. Damn. As a kid growing up just a couple miles away in Roselle, I used to pass by that shop and Deals in Wheels (at least I think that was the name) all the time in my parents car. To a kid, both places looked kinda dark and scary so obviously I couldn't wait for the day when I would be able to get a Harley and ride up to those places and check out all the cool shit I was sure they had inside. Needless to say I'm too late. Sux!