Monday, January 4, 2010

TANK OUT!!!!!!!!

Today i lost a very close long time friend "TANK" Tank was a Vietnam Vet that fought two tour in Nam for our freedom. Every ride he took was like as if it was his last. He loved his Country,Family,Friends,Motorcycles and He loved his club. The VietNam MC was not just a mc to him it was a brotherhood of brothers that made it back from the war. The brotherhood to them was secondary to the motorcycles. I knew Tank as a true brother and I thank him for the freedoms I have today as should you!!!!!!!! Tank I will miss ya bro!!!!TANK OUT!


  1. RIP Brother Tank. Beautiful memorials you set up. Peace out to you Richie. See ya tomorrow. PB

  2. Thank God for those who protect our freedom. Sorry for your loss, may he never be forgotten.R.I.P.

  3. Tank was a true NJ hero, I got to know him recently, and got to ride rolling thunder a few years back with his M/C down to the wall at the garden state arts center. great day great memories, go with god your brothers and sisters Tank you will be missed.

    Thanks R.P. for posting up, James Beam will be raised in honor of a great man...

  4. Richie,

    It was wonderful to see you and your friends in Arlington Monday night and Tuesday.

    Hope the next time we see you it's for something much more festive.

    Hope you guys made it home safe. Keep having fun taking the "scenic route" . . . .

    Much Love & Respect~
    Pigsty & Beany K.