Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nick Paitakis

Legendary Nick Paitakas Owner of "The bike shop" and "Middlesex county cycles" stopped in the tattoo shop the other day. Nick was one of the most talented wrenches Jersey had to offer back in the day.His Bike shops were also probably the most famous at the time. Nick is now retired(unfortunately)and both shops are gone. It was great having ya in the shop talking bikes Nick!!! Maybe just maybe one day ya might get a tattoo!!

The 58

The VL

Nick going down the Jersey Turnpike on his VL. "look mom no hands"

Nick - on his pan in 1969


  1. HOT stuff.Esp the pic with no hands and the dog pic!

  2. if you had a scoot back then, you could always go to potato heads! did lots of work for me back in time. nick and tony were great wrenches of the bygone era... so cool