Friday, November 25, 2011

The Art of Gilbert Sheldon

Ive been a long time fan of Gilbert Sheldon, along with greats like Rick Griffin and Crumb he paved the road in the American undergound Arts,he is the creator of
The Fabulos Freak Brothers, Fat Freddys Cat and Wonder Wart Hog and The album cover art for the grateful deads Shakedown Street. google Gilbert Sheldon art and you will see how cool his shit is!


  1. Great stuff! When I was about 14 a kid in my neighborhood had a stack of these. Maybe they were his dad's, but they were freakin' genius!

  2. im fat freddie's cat and i aint no kitty. don't embarass me in th middle of the city. i can make it rough on you if yer gonna be shitty....yea, grew up on Mr. Shelton's comics...and listening to Cheech and Chong records.
    small wonder i do sooo much partying.