Friday, May 13, 2011

David Mann Tattoo flash and Friday the 13TH

Friday the 13th was a GREAT day today! Fat Bob showed up at the shop and to my surprise dropped off Original!!!! Signed!!!! prints of rare David Mann tattoo flash, - Bob got these sheets from New Jersey's legendary world famous artist and friend of ours Ernie Carafa. Ernie had these sheets laying around and figured that bob would find a good home for them. Thanks Bob for letting me keep these safe for you! To add to the day my best brother in this business Jason Kodran stopped in to say hi, We both drooled over these rare original sheets and decided what a better way to top off Bobs gift then to get a David Mann tattoo on me for Friday the 13th. Jay was more then willing to do it for me! What a great day ! Thanks to my two absolute best friends Bob and Jay! Ive now got some David Mann Tattoo History to hang on the wall and stuck on my leg!

Original Sign David Mann Tattoo sheets

Signed And numbered by David Mann
Jay tearing into my leg

My friday the 13th David Mann Tattoo
Myself and Jason Kodran


  1. too f'n cool! great pics...dave mann flash! seems a very lucky day for you sir!

  2. too cool rich .... bob as always is the greatest ....good times coming mack