Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Danny Wolf

Danny Wolf and the Wolf's Den Tattoo Parlor back in 1984 - I owe this man alot, It was his doings that got me into the business of tattooing , I first met Danny when I was around 15 years old when he was tattooing a friend of mine Nicky Malone, 3 years later Danny tattooed me in this shop. The Wolfs Den was the greatest tattoo shop . With nothing but smoked out old flash on the wall and bikes parked outside it was almost intimating to walk inside. I'll never forget the day I asked Danny if I could just hold one of his tattoo machines, He laughed and said something like "I dont give a fuck" Well thats where it all started for me. I have mad respect for this man and I let him know it everytime I see him by simply saying "Thanks Dan for getting me into this shit! "

Danny in front of the Wolfs Den - Rte 9 Lakewwod NJ

Danny today with his son Eddie who has turned into a great artist himself
Thanks Lutz for these pics!


  1. A buddy of mine from Metuchen was good friends with Danny back in the 80's (probably still is). One rainy night on the way back from his shop my buddy hit the Freehold circle on his 65 Pan and laid it down in a spread eagle spin out...he picked himself and the Pan up and rode home...