Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day 1-1-11

Tradition has been kept once again! our annual New Years day ride was great as always! It started out with me snapping a belt off the pan (lucky for us in front of my garage!). So since the pan was down I pulled out the knuck. Have you ever rode a chopper on ice???? Indian Tom,Panhead Rick,Vonrothinfink,Vinnie,M.O.B. and myself all signed Von's Tank, which will retired to decorate his living room wall . We rode a good amount, the weather was perfect and I got all the exercise i needed by kicking that knuck of mine! Hope you all have a great 11

Our Brothers from the DC Crew also kept tradition. WELL FUCKING DONE!

pics from Von and Rick


  1. fuckin great! (paul bruno)

  2. Jersey FTR goes snowmobiling!!!

    hope we see ya'll soon

    Rick the tanks look real nice!

  3. Great! I'm not the only asshole slidin' around out there!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Awsome Happy New YEar buddy..if you ever change that amf tank off the knuck let me know I need that tank!

  5. had to wonder if you thought of George when you were at Tooties. I love this page and look back at BPFS & holy grail all the time and watch all new posts. Thanks for remembering George.

  6. Gina - I think about george and speak of him very very often. Please email me so i can have your address. thanks