Friday, August 6, 2010

""The Wave"" and the damage it causes!!!!!!!!

While on our annual Panstock run a rider going in the opposite direction of us was so into waving and checking out all the cool bikes that were passing him that he forgot to pay attention to his own fuckin lane! the end results were he fucking crashed like evil kenevil coming off a ramp. The first ones to turn around to help were Mack Jockeyshift and myself. we helped this poor guy the best we could by trying to make him comfortable, calling 911 and then stealing his bike(not really but thats what the police thought)The guy that crashed was an off duty cop and the cops that came to his so called rescue thought that we were some crazy motorcycle club, bizaaaaare was the cops more worried about what club im in opposed to worrying about the guy down(im not in any mc by the way).
end results for this guy was
1 broken shoulder
2 broken ribs
1 punctured lung
1 shattered hip (which needs to be replaced)
1 broken fibula
1 shattered knee

i hope for a speedy recovery for this guy!!!! hes got a long road ahead of him.

lesson of the day is fuck waving to anyone!!!!!!its dangerous to your health

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