Monday, March 15, 2010

Danny Sparks is in the wind!

A Danny Sparks update.... Danny an old Texan Outlaw is back in the wind. This fall Dan finally got to ride again. In 2008 Dan and his wife Barb were riding back from Milwaukee after one of Harley Davidsons bullshit parties. While riding on rte 80 in Pennsylvania Dans rear tire blew out after hitting a large pot hole. The bike went down along with Dan and his wife. Barbara Sparks passed at the crash site and Danny was air lifted out. Danny lost his leg in the crash but managed to keep his spirits. Now, Dan is up and riding again. He got himself a VW trike and made it work to his special needs. Dan promises to NEVER NEVER ride a Harley again. While Dan was 12 months in the hospital and 6 month in a coma Harley Davidson had his new bike repossessed from his home. His family fought with the dealership that financed the bike but the factory took it anyway! so to that i say FTF! Welcome back Dan!

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